One of the most overlooked components of healthy aging is your diet.

When you eat the right foods that deliver the essential minerals and vitamins your body needs, your body will run more efficiently.

Over the last 50 years, science has given people a closer look at the foods that provide anti-aging benefits. Here is a list of some common foods to add to your anti-aging arsenal!


One of the most potent anti-aging components found in food is resveratrol.

Resveratrol is found in the fleshy skin of darker grapes. In experiments, scientists found that resveratrol had the ability to protect the skin from UV damage and may also help to reduce specific types of inflammation. There are a good number of supplements available for purchase, but it is almost always recommended that you get resveratrol from whole foods.


Pomegranates are full of essential vitamins and minerals, along with a few important micronutrients.

One of the most widely known vitamin that can be found is vitamin C. As I have mentioned here, vitamin C is a powerhouse in terms of anti-aging and immune function. Vitamin C also helps keep the skin from getting wrinkles.

Pomegranates can provide some protection from free radicals, as well as help to maintain and protect your stores of collagen, which is needed for strong supple skin. The best way to gain this nutrition is to actually eat the pomegranate seeds.


In general, oats are considered to be a heart healthy food, but it turns out that science has found another great thing about oats. What they found is that many foods on the market are processed and have a high glycemic value which can weaken your skin by shocking the system during spikes in blood sugar.

Applying an oat mask to your skin can help soothe the skin and is also great for exfoliation!


Oranges and a few other citrus fruits are great for the skin. Much of this is due to the vitamin C, but many fruits also contain a chemical known as lycopene

Lycopene helps the body to retain certain types of soft tissue elasticity. This gives your body the ability to repair brittle tissues that have been worn out over time and need to be repaired or replaced.

Of course, there are many other foods that provide anti-aging benefits. These are just a brief example, but a good place to begin!

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