White Bread, candy, sugar, pastries – it’s all sugar and also carbohydrates. The question stands, what’s the difference and which ones should you eat and which ones to avoid?

You know, carbohydrates really got a bad reputation many years ago.  Complex carbs and simple carbs were seemingly lumped together as one and the same and somewhere along the line, all “carbohydrates” were bad.

Simple Carbs

In reality, carbs themselves are not bad.  Rather, processed, sugar-rich simple carbs which we consume in excessive amounts provide the bulk of bad news in your diet. This includes ingredients such as white table sugar, honey, molasses, etc. These simple carbs are in such things as cookies, ice cream, pastries, some breads, etc. 

Here’s the thing and I’ve said it before.  Excess refined simple sugar is a non-nutrient ingredient that tastes great and is completely non-essential in your diet. It can affect your hormones, leading to headaches, weight gain, mood swings, constipation and so much more!

High-sugar foods are not only addictive to the body and brain, but they also cause massive surges in insulin levels.

Complex Carbs

Most complex carbohydrates, however, such as fruits, vegetables and 100% whole grains contain a plentiful supply of sugar in the form of glucose which provides the body with its required energy.

But how can you ensure you are consuming foods that provide you with the energy you need throughout the day?

There is one overriding thing you can do to ensure you are limiting your consumption of excess refined sugar.

Stay Away from Processed Foods

Processed foods really are the worst thing for you. Yes, they’re easy to consume and very tasty, but if you are concerned about your health, this is an important area to focus on.

Processed foods containing simple sugars come in many forms, such as cereals, yogurts (high in lactose, another sugar), and pastries, made with white refined flour and often sweetened with honey and molasses.  In addition, things such as marinades, salad dressings and “healthy” breads can be loaded with sugar.

If you want to cut down on sugar, limit foods that are overly processed. This will contribute to lower sugar consumption each day.

Increase Your Intake of Fiber Rich Foods

Fiber has a unique property that not only limits inflammation but also relaxes insulin levels.  Fiber slows down the body’s absorption of sugar, meaning blood sugar levels won’t spike.

Complex carbohydrates such as vegetables, fruits, leafy greens and 100% whole grain breads are good sources of fiber.

In addition, eating wholesome foods in their most natural form will always be the easiest way to ensure you are getting the nutrients you need and none of the inflammatory properties of processed sugars.


Excess, refined sugar provides only a very short burst of energy, whereas complex carbohydrates are a good source of vitamins, minerals and fiber and provide the body with glucose for energy.  Complex Carbs provide that slow, sustained energy we all need throughout the day.

Keep it simple and limit your consumption of processed foods, and you will see a major difference in your body composition, strength, and energy levels!

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