It’s inevitable. You’re going to overeat during the holidays. I’m going to overeat during the holidays. Everyone is going to overeat during the holidays!

This time of year is a special time for most people and with the way the last almost two years have been, we deserve a little indulgence, right?

Well … yes, but, at the same time you should keep your health in mind because it’s just so darned easy to be tempted into going overboard.

In Canada, it begins in mid-October with Canadian Thanksgiving, then Halloween comes along, then American Thanksgiving, where the average person will ingest over 3 times the number of calories that they should be eating, or even more. Then the winter holidays come along. Family togetherness (fingers crossed) usually equals lots of snacking and appetizers and big meals. Also, don’t forget all the baked treats! Ahhh … those baked treats!

Can you eat all of these things? The answer is yes, but in moderation.

In a previous blog post, I outlined 6 Ways to Sabotage Your Progress Over the Holidays! Today, here is a plan of action to help you stay in control of your fork!

First up …

Go in with a Plan

Before you put yourself into temptation, tell yourself how much you are allowing yourself to eat. One thing that has worked for me is allowing myself to indulge on one item such as the appetizers or the dessert – not both. Since I’m not much of a sweets person, it is usually appetizers. Going into the event with a plan in my head helps me navigate all those goodies that are right in front of me!

Don’t Be Too Strict.

While you may be tempted to be tough on yourself during other times of the year, the holidays are a time you should allow for some relaxation from the strict behavior. Don’t try to get through entire evenings without enjoying any of the food. The starvation diet only works for so long until you fail and over-consume later on. Work on your moderation skills instead.

Don’t Punish Yourself.

Everyone makes mistakes. If you do slip up and overeat at one occasion, in the long run it won’t make much of a difference. Just tell yourself that you’ll try harder next time. Don’t be tempted to just give up and continue the poor eating decisions for the entire holiday season. You’ll do yourself no favours my friend!

Watch the Alcohol Intake.

Alcohol usually flows freely at holiday events. As I mentioned in this post, be intentional about your alcoholic intake. Consider alternating between alcoholic drinks and pure, refreshing water.

Plan Healthy Meals.

If you’re hosting any of the holiday events, consider going with some healthier alternatives to some popular meals. Healthy doesn’t always mean bland or unappealing. Get creative and try some new recipes.

Remember to Take Breaks.

During a long evening with family and friends, sometimes you’ll lose track of your eating habits. Make it a point to take breaks where you know there isn’t a plate or a drink in your hand and concentrate on the conversations you’re having instead.

Eat Before You Go.

In this post, I mention that not eating all day before a party will sabatoge your health and wellness goals over the holidays.

If you’re off to a holiday event at someone’s house, eat something healthy before you leave. This is especially important if you know you’ll be tempted by all the unhealthy treats that will be available. If you aren’t particularly hungry when you show up, you won’t feel such an urge to begin eating right away.

Just remember to have a good time this holiday season (despite world events)! Today, more than ever, the focus shouldn’t just be on eating everything in sight, but the “not-guaranteed” opportunity to hang out with friends and family!

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Yours in health and wellness,

Francine Alleyne (RHNP™)

Holistic Nutritionist, Registered Holistic Nutrition Practitioner™



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