Habits! Oh those foul habits! Habits are acquired from training, influences, observance and practice. We acquire a lot of habits throughout our lives. Under most circumstances, some can be constructive, such as ensuring you turn the lights off when you leave a room, but others can negatively impact your daily life and even future life. Eliminating bad habits, however, is not simple, especially if there is a dependency involved. For this reason, we need to learn how to change our habits for the better!

Below are a few examples of things that can come up to thwart you on changing your habits for the better.

Saying Yes to Everything

Most of us want to avoid conflict, but there comes a point where it can be detrimental to allow ourselves to become bogged down by the requests of others. It takes time in life to accomplish your goals and it will become impossible for you to achieve those goals if you are spending an unlimited amount of time saying yes and doing for others. Having boundaries is not a bad thing. Respecting and embracing those boundaries will lead to less stress and anxiety and enjoyment of achieving your goals!

Living for the Short Term

Many think about things in the short-term, which can impede your ability to grow and expand. For example, if someone who wants to buy toilet paper is always spending money on a smallest packages of toilet paper, they will end up spending almost twice as much money than if they bought in bulk. A short-term thinker will rationalize this behavior. Try to think about how your habits will affect you in the long term.

Limiting Your Potential

Do you sell yourself short? We all have the habit of selling ourselves short. Many stay in jobs that don’t serve us and we feel stuck. Much of this is due to fear of change, fear of the unknown and fear of failing. Job satisfaction is important and being happy is important.

Not Planning Ahead

It’s fun and exciting to be spontaneous, but many things in life require planning. This is especially true if you are trying to make major changes or improvements in your life. Making a huge career change can put you in a difficult position if you don’t plan accordingly. If you don’t have money saved, quitting your job without a plan could be a disaster.

Thinking Negatively

Do you think negatively? “I can’t change things”. “Why me?” “My life is boring”. If you spend all of your time thinking negative thoughts and making negative statements, make a conscious effort to change what you say to yourself and others today. Mind your words!

Once you make small changes, you’ll see a huge improvement in your life. It pays, however, to begin small. Rather than jumping the gun, take little steps to success. Many try to change everything overnight and this only leads to frustration, back-sliding and eventually giving up.

Not Asking for Help!

When you’re working to adopt or change your habits, make certain you seek support and feedback. We are not islands unto ourselves and you don’t have to travel the road to success alone. Feedback can come from friends, loved ones, a colleague you look up to and admire, a book or a podcast.

Yours in health and wellness,

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