Growing older can be a b@#$%. Sure, our wisdom and compassion often increase as we grow older, but so do our health challenges. More than 90% of older adults have at least one chronic condition, and more than 75% have more than one.

Plus, these figures are even higher for women than for men! As if we didn’t have enough on our plates, right ladies?

Genetics loads the gun, but lifestyle pulls the trigger


Menopause, genetics and your family medical history play a part in the aging process. Genetics may load the gun, but a healthy lifestyle can help you stay as strong and independent in the years ahead.

Sure, you know to get enough sleep, eat the right foods and manage your stress levels, but here are some things you should be checking that you may not yet have thought about.

  1. Watch your blood pressure. Your blood pressure and heart rate rise as plaque deposits stiffen your arteries over the years. Losing weight, exercising, and limiting salt may help you to avoid needing medication. Knowing your numbers is key to managing your numbers!
  2. Screen for cancer. Age increases your risk for many forms of cancer. Talk with your doctor about screening tests that spot cancers early when they’re easier to treat and cure.
  3. Check your hearing. You may not be thinking about this, but really, age-related hearing loss is a thing! Lower the volume on the ear buds to avoid damaging the eardrum.
  4. Protect your vision. Ensure your eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions are up to date if you’re having trouble reading fine print. Many people play the trombone while reading the newspaper or book or whatever. While no studies have shown a way to prevent cataracts, keep up with your regular eye exams.
  5. Remain engaged. Staying connected is essential for vibrant aging. Cultivate and maintain close relationships now. With the world getting back to a new normal, it is important to stay engaged with people and activities.

Staying informed and making healthy lifestyle choices can help you prevent and/or manage many of the conditions that come with aging. If you’re a woman over 50, start now to maximize your chances of staying mentally sharp and physically fit in your golden years.

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