As we age, stress can take a hold of us, like a “Mother!” Don’t get me wrong, there is good stress and bad stress, but holy, moly, the bad stress can be BAD!!

There are many ways in which you can help reduce your stress, such as eating right, exercising and avoiding the stressor in the first place. Avoidance, however, is not always possible.

One way to help reduce your stress which you may not have thought about is to use mantras or affirmations each day for stress management.

Affirmations and mantras are very similar to each other. Mantras are more about sacred phrases that have been used for a long time, while affirmations are more for inspiration and motivation. Both can be used for the purpose of helping you to reduce stress and maintain a positive outlook on life.

Affirmations and mantras are also a great way to keep your brain healthy. Hear me out … you are exposing yourself to new ideas and thought processes that can help with your stress and brain health as well!

Why Use Mantras and Affirmations?

First of all, it helps to understand exactly why mantras and affirmations help for your stress. Affirmations can be used for so many things in your life, such as:

  • Encouraging positive thinking;
  • Being intentional with what you do each day;
  • Becoming healthier inside and out; and
  • Reducing stress and anxiety.

This is really only the beginning of what affirmations and mantras can do for you!

Here are some reasons why using mantras and affirmations can help with your stress:

They help you manage specific stressful situations – If your stress isn’t just generalized, chronic stress, but from specific things in your life, you can start by managing these stressful situations with mantras. Choose positive statements that allow you to understand how you can deal with the situation without letting it get to you.

You get more confidence in moving forward – Everyone needs a little more confidence, especially those who are dealing with large amounts of stress. Stress can have a snowball effect in your life. It can make you feel worse about your situation, but about yourself. You might need a little boost of confidence in order to regain your life back after something traumatic or life-changing.

They can put you into a calm state – Many affirmations specifically for stress are created to relax you and put you into a calm state. These are the ones to use when you need to calm down from a particularly stressful situation.

The positive thinking helps in every area of your life – Also don’t forget that all affirmations promote positive thinking. This might not seem like a big deal, but if you are someone with a lot of stress and anxiety, it is an amazing added benefit. This isn’t to say that thinking positively means everything is okay and you can get on with your day. Thinking positively or squashing your negative thoughts has a profound affect on your brain cells and patterns.

How to Use Mantras and Affirmations

Affirmations are really easy to use, with many different options available to you. How you use them will depend on your lifestyle, habits, and when you need them the most.

Some ideas include:

Writing them down in a journal or planner – A super easy way to use affirmations each day is by writing them down in a journal or planner. This is a great way to remember them and be in a calm state while journaling. It is also a convenient place for recording different ones you have come up with.

You can have one section dedicated to your affirmations, or write down a different one for each day’s journal entry, depending on what you need to work on that day. Do what works for you!

Using different ones each day – You can definitely choose a different mantra each day or use the same one daily. Sometimes, the stress in your life is about a specific issue, so then you might need a different type of affirmation to get you into that calm state you need.

Having your go-to affirmations in a convenient place – Another way to use them, especially if you have a handful of mantras that really help you each day, is to put them in a place where you will see them regularly. This might be on the refrigerator door, inside a cabinet you open every day, on your bathroom mirror or in the notes app on your phone.

You can also choose other ways to use affirmations based on your lifestyle, such as having some that you use during a daily meditation and mindful practice, or during your self-care routines.

Guidelines for Choosing the Best Ones

Not sure how to choose your affirmations? Here are a few guidelines that can help you choose the right one.

How does it make you feel? When looking through affirmations and mantras, consider how it makes you feel. Not just while reading it, but when you say it out loud. Are you relaxed and calm? Do you feel positive? Or did it increase your stress, causing you to focus more on it?

What are you using the affirmation for? Another guideline is deciding what the affirmation will be used for. For example, an affirmation that is used daily that you put on your bathroom mirror is often different than a specific affirmation you write down in your journal.

Is it calming and positive? You really want your stress-related affirmations to be calming, relaxing, and positive. The last thing you want is for your affirmations to cause you further stress! That’s definitely not the goal!

Ideas for Stress-Relieving Affirmations

Here are some stress-relieving affirmations and mantras to start with. These give you a good idea of what the statements might be like, whether you choose from this list or create your own:

I am at peace.

I will remain calm today.

This is temporary.

Exhaling allows me to release the stress.

My body is at peace.

I feel loved and complete.

Everything will be okay.

I am able to relieve stress and tension from my body.

Today, I will do my best.

I am letting go of negativity.

These are just the beginning! Affirmations and mantras are powerful tools to use in your fight against chronic stress.

Remember, mantras and affirmations should be personal, easy to access, calming and positive!

Yours in health and wellness,

Francine Alleyne (RHNP™)

Holistic Nutritionist, Registered Holistic Nutrition Practitioner™



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